Buddha Breeze

Learn from sculptor Rupardarshin how to use your hands mindfully to re-imagine the Buddha in form and colour under the roof of Victoria Park's brand new Rustic Shelter.

To participate, you do neither have to practice Yoga or Buddhism, although it might help a little if you do, when carving with kindness.

Carve your own Buddha with compassion from breeze block for a good cause supporting children and families in India who are not fortunate enough to express their creativity in ways you can.

This is a fun-d raising appeal for 
with all proceeds going to Karuna Trust.

See photographs of the latest stone carving workshop:

See video of latest stone carving workshop:

Sign up for Buddha Breeze stone carving and painting workshop below. Before you learn how to carve with compassion you will subscribe to one of the three options: 

pay £10 per month and 
carve your own Buddha & fund a literacy class for 25 women in India * 

pay £15 per month * and 
carve and paint your own Buddha & support a child in a hostel in India *

pay £25 per month and
carve, paint and keep your own Buddha & fund medial care for 200 street children in India *

* minimum subscription is 6 month