Buddha Breeze Vajrasana

Learn from sculptor Gary March how to use your hands mindfully to re-imagine the Buddha in form and colour when stone carving in the London Buddhist Centre's court yard.

Carve your own Buddha with compassion from a breeze block and commit to supporting the development of the LBC's retreat centre in Suffolk.

This is a fund raising appeal for 

with all proceeds going to Vajrasana Fundraising Appeal.

See photographs of the latest stone carving workshop:

See video of latest stone carving workshop:

Sign up for Buddha Breeze stone carving and painting workshop below. Before you learn how to carve with compassion you will subscribe to one of the three options: 

pay £10 per month and 
carve your own Buddha & fund ... * 

 (replace photograph with future designs?)

pay £15 per month * and 
carve and paint your own Buddha & support ... *

(replace photograph with future designs?)

pay £25 per month and
carve, paint and keep your own Buddha & fund ...*

eplace photograph with future designs?)

* minimum subscription is 6 month

Location: London Buddhist Centre
51 Roman Road
E2 0HU