Communication Training

'We connect best when are alive in our hearts with kindness and a playful curiosity'

Jayaraja's practical approach to communication training combines creative playfulness, physical energy and emotional receptivity rooted in Marshall B. Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication method: The core of this practice is learning to communicate clearly and honestly our feelings and needs and empathically hearing the needs and feelings of others. 

Jayaraja leads an interactive two-day workshop tailored to your organisation's specific needs to introduce the core skills of mindful communication. Over the course of the workshop you will explore non-violent communication principles experientially through dialogue, reflection, group work, and play. 

Specific goals:
    • Express feelings, needs and requests in a way that others are willing to contribute to realizing your requests 
    • Learn to empathize with others: listen openly to feelings and needs of others
    • Solve conflicts creatively to benefit all parties
    • Seeking win-win solutions
    • Understand and integrate the paradigm of Mindful Communication:
    • Translate the four-step-principle of Mindful Communication in a natural and spontaneous way

He is a qualified physical education and drama teacher with 20 years of experience, working and training mentors in outdoor education and play, including working for YMCA National Centre, The Outward Bound Trust and Adventure Unlimited. He has a diploma in Gestalt psychotherapy and has worked as a youth councillor and is co-author of 'The Yellow Book of Games and Energisers'.

Jayaraja is a Buddhist and does not charge traditionally. Instead he accepts a donation as he makes a contribution to the vitality of your team. The suggested gift amount reflects the basic income required to make it viable to continue these workshops in the future.
2 x 6hours, 10 - 20 participants
£1200 - non-for-profit 
£1800 - for-profit