Floating Forest

Shoreditch Festival, Hackney Wicked Festival
The Big Draw, Hackney Wick Festival, Angel Canal Festival

to create a kindest space on London's waterways

Ferry Boat and Destination Island where you are invited to contemplate your future via an oracle.



You are on your journey to The Kindest Floating Forest, an enchanted place where you will find the answers that you seek.

On the ferryboat, ask a question to The Floating Forest Oracle, and pick two magic Symbols from its trunk.

Once you have reached the forest, use the Guide to find the meaning of your symbols and then Pair up with another person.

While on the Tree island - one at a time - become an oracle for each other, helping to Interpret your symbols.

Before your journey back, choose one of your symbols to Take with you, one to Leave behind and make a Wish for your future..

Use a Ribbon to wear the symbol you have chosen to keep, and to Thank the oracle, hang the other symbol on the tree.


produced in collaboration with
Floating House - waterside production
Open Vizor - capacity building
Atmos - spatial design
LoversLikeUs - oracle experience
Vahakn - oracle design
Just Add Tea - creative consultancy
Tucker Designs - naval engineering
CNC-Project - cnc fabrication
Lindum - green surfacing
See Studio - graphics publishing

with contributions from
Beso Uznadze - photography
Simon Warren - photography
Mary Mullan - camera
Iskra Tsaneva - edit
Elaine Chan - lighting
Ro Wodehouse - singing
Katiushka Borges - drumming
St. Mary's Secret Garden - tree island flowers 
Hackney Tree Nursery - permaculture plants 
Laburnum Boat Club - operational safety  

hosted by 
British Waterways, Canals in Hackney User Group, Shoreditch Festival, HackneyWicked Festival

with special thanks to 
Charles and Tom at HackSpace London & Jim at CNC-router and our fantastic volunteers Abbas Nokasteh, Aidan Geboers, Alex Haw, Emi Avora, Elaine Chan, Eva Nazarova, Friedrich Vitzthum, Gerard Elflein, Lizbeth Varieswildly, Mayssa Jallad, Miquel Ricciolini, Noah Rainey, Ilka, Imogen Wall, Pablo Milara, Simon Warren, U-Sun Hu, Jane Ripley, Seif Alhasani, Zachary Gomperts-Mitchelson