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Fairies Feast

St.Mary’s Secret Garden | 1/4/2012 
Sunday | 17.00 - 20.00 

inviting all family, friends and fans 
of last year’s Floating Forest 

to bring some food to BBQ and drinks to share
while wearing a fairy feature

to celebrate our last year’s joint water venture.
RSVP online Call 07708205623 and 

Come to 50 Pearson Street, London, E2 8EL 


Rhys Lewis and the Relics (music band)
Natalia Kieniewicz with Rowena Clewlow (sopranos)
Havana Barbie (excused with stiff neck!)


Paolo Felicetti
(Garden Gnome painting)
Feka Samakuva with Ana Kente (Studio Afro Latino)

Our tree has been firmly planted forming the forests legacy serving as a wishing trees for many more years to come. Please make sure you all wear a fairy feature and bring some food and drink to share. 

With thanks to St. Mary's Secret Garden staff

Hackney Parks for transport support

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