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Shoreditch Festival

  • servicing SING LONDON search party
  • collaborating with TOW PATH CAFE's community dinner
  • engaging young ANGLERS from Kingsland Basin Bridge
  • working with LABURNUM boat club's boat pilots
  • taking EAST LONDON LINES reporters and film crew on to the water
  • providing PHOTO shoot location for stylist Aimee Croysdill
  • providing FILM shoot location for Air Guitar UK Championship promotional video
  • providing ENGAGEMENT location for marriage proposal
  • taking approx. 100 people through the FLOATING FOREST EXPERIENCE

"We were delighted to see the Floating Forest make such an eye-catching impact over the festival period. It’s an impressive piece of work and it has been a real source of amazement at Shoreditch Festival."

Alex Finlayson, Partnerships and Festivals Manager, Shoreditch Trust

"It’s always great to see activities which give people an alternative view of the canal or another perspective on the waterway they use regularly. Floating forest does this well: letting people explore a water space they may have passed many times but never been able to access. Going into Kingsland Basin by water also gives people an insight into the many different things that go on on London’s canals –such as the thriving community of boaters based there."

Henrietta Ross, Marketing and Communications Executive, British Waterways

SHOREDITCH FESTIVAL MAP : Friday 17 July - Sunday 24 July 2011


produced in collaboration with
Floating House - waterside production
Open Vizor - strategic development
Atmos - spatial design
LoversLikeUs - oracle experience
Vahakn - oracle design
Tucker Designs - naval engineering
CNC-Project - cnc fabrication
Just Add Tea - art direction
See Studio - graphics publishing
Simon Warren - documentary photography
Maru Mullan - videography

with contributions from
Beso Uznadze - photography
Elaine Chan - lighting
Ro Wodehouse / Katiushka Borges - singing / drumming
St. Mary's Secret Garden - secret gardening
The People's Kitchen - ice cream
Hackney Tree Nursery - permaculture plants 
Laburnum Boat Club - operational safety  

hosted by 
British Waterways, Canals in Hackney User Group, Shoreditch Festival, HackneyWicked Festival, TowPath and HeadwayGarden Cafes. 

with special thanks to 
Charles and Tom at HackSpace London & Jim at CNC-router 
and our fantastic volunteers Eva Nazarova, Pablo Milara, Friedrich Vitzthum, Simon Warren, Miquel Ricciolini, Noah Rainey, Zachary Gomperts-Mitchelson and Ilka, Imogen Wall , Elaine Chan, U-Sun Hu, Abbas Nokasteh, Lizbeth Varieswildly, Aidan Geboers, Jane Ripley.

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