Floating Futures

In development

Floating Futures is a floating centre with an environmental focus, where the community can engage via art exhibitions, workshops and talks.

It will be operated by young people and serve as a hub to think, explore and voice their plans and concerns about their personal futures and the future of the planet.  

It will offer activities such as Floating Futures Festival and a socially enterprising Floating Futures Boat Trip Service for the Olympic Park’s waterways.

It will establish mentoring programmes with entrepreneurs, scientists and artists encouraging young people to consider careers in environmental and social sciences.

It will also serve as a hub and incubator for future social enterprises and art and cultural projects related to the environment.

Floating Futures is comprised of a fleet of destination islands attached to piers in the waterways and accessed by respective solar powered ferry boats. The fleet is serviced by a large barge, which includes training, workshop and kitchen facilities.

Each destination islands serve 4 principal functions:

  1. stages for cultural performance 
  2. platforms for environmental education
  3. pods for professional mentoring
  4. environments for creative catering

Floating Futures will aspire to meet social, environmental, business and cultural objectives in equal measures.

The new proposal grows naturally from the Floating Forest prototype which delighted a variety of audiences along East London’s Waterways throughout the summer of 2011.

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