Oh Limp Kicks

In development

The Oh Limp Kicks* aims to extend the Olympic spirit beyond the park and to create an accessible street version of the Olympic Games where everyone can participate at street level.

The initiative will consist of a series of exciting events and performances generated by local communities.

At the next stage, we will invite a group of local residents to create up-cycled sports and play equipment from home furniture and appliances. 

The project will encourage residents of the participating ward to engage in physical activities and stimulate interest in sports careers.

All events, performances and celebrations will be recorded by social media journalists as well as regular tech savvy participants and broadcasted live on a single digital platform.

At a later phase in the project, retired Olympians, schoolteachers, community leaders, sport coaches and volunteers will manage Oh Limp Kicks spaces.

All Oh Limp Kicks community engagement will culminate in events and celebrations coinciding with their official Olympic counterpart from opening to closing.

* formerly 'Olympic Streets', now in compliance with LOCOG's brand protection 

Images of the DUNK prototype in Hackney Wick:

In consultation with:

Hackney Council 2012 Team - Statutory Ally and Initial Host

Produced in partnership with:

Hackney Wick Festival - Community Development and Area Improvement

London Coaching Foundation - Community Engagement and Sports Education

Openvizor - Strategy Development and Capacity Building

Mobile Architecture Lab - Workshop Facilitation

A New Direction 
- Social Media Journalism and Educational Partnerships

See Studio Gallery 

- Arts Development and Cultural Dialogue

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