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The OhLimpKicks is inspired by a number of related initiatives and artistic explorations presented here:

PLAYFUL INTERVENTIONS AT TIMES OF CRISIS is a film by Pablo Paya Milara documenting a public space project from 2009.

The intention of this project is to break and interrupt ‘the routine’, and real-world social introversions, and explore our capacity to play, have fun, be extrovert and physical in an environment where the act of being physical is limited to walking sedately from A to B.

The project manifests itself through a series of urban interventions that exploit existing urban street furniture and present opportunities for physical exuberance. These are installed in several urban locations throughout London, where individuals are encouraged to interact or play with a new set of physical realities that release the participant from the banal movement normally accepted in the city context.

This film was presented along Olympic Streets (now OhLimpKicks) prototype DUNK in September 2011 at SEE studio gallery.

SWINGS OF LONDON is a public space intervention by Vahakn Matossian 

Give him a suit and he will wear it.
Give him a bar and he will drink.
Give him a swing...

STREET TRAINING is a an ongoing initiative by artist Lottie Child 

It is the art of safely and joyfully exploring ourselves and the spaces we inhabit. Street Training teaches us that, by focusing our thoughts and behavior, we can have an effect on our surroundings equal to that which our surroundings exert upon us. As changes take place within the street trainer they also take place in the streets: it is a discipline that evolves interactively in relation to physical, social and mental structures that make up the city.

Street Training is an emergent 21st century Martial Art. It requires commitment and sustained practice, and encompasses the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of being. It rewards the Street Trainer with incremental changes in their ability to defend themselves against the bombardment of city life, and shape their environment positively.

STREET OLYMPICS (as reported by the guardian in August 2005) is an idea which was put forward in a joint report in October 2004 by the government's two favourite thinktanks, Demos and the Institute for Public Policy Research.

Melissa Mean, head of Demos's self-build cities programme, said the government was interested in expanding an existing Sport England scheme called Street Games, which is aimed at encouraging participation in sport in deprived areas.

Ms Mean said: "The Street Olympics would be an opportunity for people across the UK to design and compete in their own neighbourhood-based games. Thus the UK would not have just one Olympic games, but hundreds up and down the country."