Olympic Streets

Olympic Streets is a public space initiative inspired by a film by artist Pablo Milara with the ambition to bring Olympic spirits to the streets of Hackney Wick. 

The London Games are risking to miss the hearts and minds of local people. So we will design playful sports furniture to be installed in the streets of Hackney Wick where everyone can exercise and celebrate the Olympic spirit true to its original values of participation and solidarity. 

Following our DUNK prototype in wood, we are hoping to produce an entire circuit of Olympic apparati in association with local sports clubs to reach the local community providing fun and fitness right are their doorsteps, promoting, spiritual health and physical well-being across the Hackney Wick ward.

This piece resulting from this collaboration served as an inspiration for the current Oh Limp Kicks initiative.

Images of the DUNK prototype in Hackney Wick:

Video of the DUNK prototype in Hackney Wick:

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