Station Stones

proposed to Dalston Eastern Curve Garden Steering Group

The original assembly of artefacts from the Old Dalston Station used to constitute arches visible from Dalston Lane. Hence we suggest that this context should be recreated and tell the history of the Dalston station in relationship to recent urban developments.

We envisage a community based hands-on-history workshop - not too dissimilar from the Kindest Clay Oven (see link for NHS article) - involving young people from the local area and teaching them basic masonry skills under the supervision of sculptor and stone mason Gary March.

We suggest that the bricks - even if not the same ones - which were thrown during the Hackney riots could be put to a more constructive use and support community cohesion in the aftermath of the recent disorder. 

in early consultation with:
Dalston Eastern Curve Garden
Transport Planning Hackney
Gary March Stone Masonry
Hackney Regeneration
Museum of London
English Heritage