Tree House


Bringing diverse communities together, the Kindest Evergreen Treehouse Cafe in the Passing Clouds will bridge the gentrification gap between the West and the East of London in innovative ways across DeBeauvoir and Queensbridge ward boundaries in Hackney.

The Treehouse will act as a catalyst across a boundary which divides two worlds unbeknown to each other which could happily coexist if a Kindest space were created between them.

Local community organisers and leading creative minds have formed a team of partners and advisors to deliver this project.

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Host / Community : EvergreenAdventure

Events / Hospitality : PassingClouds

Developer / Producer : KindestGroup


Regeneration : HackneyCouncil

Sustainable Communities : Circle33 / HollystreetPartnership

Healthy Communities : NHS/PCT City&Hackney

Communities Development : TheLearningTrust

Tree Welfare : HackneyTreeMusketeers